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Finishing Carpentry

Crown Molding • Wainscot / Wainscoat • Baseboard • Door & Window Casing • Box Beam & Coffered Ceilings

Fine detail oriented craftsmanship with all installations by a Master Carpenter

Service Area - Northern Marin to West Sonoma County
Bodega Bay, Cotati, Forestville, Fountaingrove, Glen Ellen, Graton, Guerneville, Healdsburg, Kenwood, Larkfield, Novato, Oakmont, Occidental, Penngrove, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Windsor. Mantels & Trim: Cloverdale to San Rafael.

proportion and scale mantel Mantel using the golden ratio
and classical order

Finishing Carpentry Proportion & Scale

I use a few basic rules used by carpenters for centuries.
The "golden ratio" is a proportion based on nature used in ancient Greek temple design and later refined by the Romans. During the architectural renaissance those combined design elements became known as the "classical order". A scale using three main divisions; pedistal, column and entablature to define balance.
We still apply that proportion and scale to moldings today.

History: Molding Design

Golden Ratio - "Phi"
A is to B as B is to C the numeric value 1.618 is called "phi", named for the Greek sculptor Phidias. Leonardo called it the "divine proportion"

golden ratio

Art & Architecture
Vitruvian Man by Leonardo and architects like Michelangelo used proportions from the Vitruvius in their building designs.

golden ratio - vitruvian man

The Classical Order
The essence of a great space is defined by proportion and scale with origins in classical design. Moldings are a simplified scale from the classical order.

classical order
crown molding Crown built up using
multiple elements

Crown Molding

Crown molding adds a classic elegance to any room, a timeless detail that completes the trim work much like a capital does for a column. It's the molding that balances out the finished trim work for a room and has one of the largest impacts. When applied crown recieves our most pleasing comments from our customers.

Estimating & Installation: Crown molding can be estimated during a site visit, which varies due to the number of miters, height of walls, style, size and amount of crown. Typically I use pre-primed crown stock then it's final coat is applied after it's installed, nails filled and edge caulked by your painter.

History: Crown Molding
kitchen crown before Kitchen crown
kitchen crown after Kitchen crown
proportioned crown Crown sized for
10 ft ceiling
vaulted ceiling crown Vaulted ceiling
dining crown molding Crown and trim
for a Craftsman
crown multiple angles Crown with
multiple angles
crown with back lighting Crown with
back lighting
crown with inside curve Crown with an
inside curve
crown with outside curve Crown with an
outside curve
crown with an acute angle Crown with an
acute angle
octagon crown Crown in an
octagon ceiling
crown applied to walls and cabinets Crown on walls
and cabinets
inset panel wainscot Custom trims for a
craftsman wainscot

Wainscot, Wall Paneling & Chair rail

Wainscot eminates warmth and aesthetic balance. Often used for formal rooms like dining, entries and office or for family room spaces like baths. Wall paneling traditionally is used for libraries, and office spaces and can also tie into the cabinetry.

Estimating & Installation: Custom made wainscot inset paneling requires a careful layout, so I'll typically draft a room and do the math off site which can take a few days with an onsite ballpark estimate. For flat panel wainscot, chair rail or applied molding panels I can usually do an on site estimate.

History: Wainscot
Inset wainscot panels Wainscot
on a bay
wainscot mantel Wainscot with
custom mantel
flat panel wainscot Flat panel T&G
applied trim wainscot Applied trim
craftsman style trim Craftsman trim
with wainscot
kitchen paneling Paneling with
rock accents
Inset wainscot panel at plinth block Inset panel at
plinth block
wainscot chair rail to casing Chair rail at
casing detail
wainscot before paint finish Wainscot
before paint
wainscot chair rail used for apron Chair rail used
for apron detail
vertical grain fir panel wall Vertical grain
fir panel wall
panel wall with hidden door hardware Hidden hardware
on panel doors
arch casing Arched door casing, window
and baseboard trims

Baseboard, Door & Window Casing

Builder trims can have the tendancy to be under sized or remodels have the historic styles removed. Window casing can be omitted entirely and just have drywall returns. We can help you restore your trimwork to it's former glory and add back the classic window casings.

Estimating & Installation: Trim upgrades and styles can usually be estimated during an onsite visit. The smaller trimwork is removed and the new applied with some minor touch up by your painter. Base can have radius installed for those rounded drywall corners. Classic window casing, stool and aprons can typically apllied over the drywall returns or replaced with wood jamb extensions.

radius corner baseboard Radius corner
baseboard and matching casing Base with a
matching case
contemporary style casing and apron Typical window
casing & apron
drywall returns with trim added Drywall return
cased window
built up window valance Built-up
window valance
craftsman style trim work Craftsman 5½
cased windows
restored craftsman window gable Restored window
gable & trimwork
craftsman casing on a french door Craftsman 5½
door casing
craftsman style casing and apron Craftsman style
casing & apron
craftsman casing with plinth blocks Casing with
plinth blocks
arched window casing Arched window
arched door casing Arched door
arched entry door Arched entry and arch
panel interior doors

Door Installs, Entablature & Archway

New location doorways with framing or match hinge placement and size on existing. Replace interior doors with pre-hung or retro-fit, add custom jamb widths. Door trim upgrades with entablatures, archways and historic entrance architecture.

Estimating & Installation: Trim upgrades can usually be estimated during an onsite visit. Replacements require the doors ordered and can vary depending on the scope of the project. Pre-hung doors can usually be replaced and upgraded in a day. Custom jambs, entablatures and entrances typically require some shop work.

federal style entry Federal entry
before paint
door gable pediment and crosshead Crosshead &
pediment detail
craftsman style archway Re-built historic
archway column pedestal Archway column
door trellis Front door
garage door trellis Garage door
restored staiwell trims Restored stair-
well trimwork
custom wide jambs Custom width
door jambs
door entablature Door surround
historic fort window and door 1793 Fort
victorian museum entrance Victorian
craftsman restoration Craftsman
paneled coffered ceiling Paneled box beam
coffered ceiling

T&G, Box Beam & Coffered Ceilings

Like crown molding coffering a ceiling adds a timeless elegance to rooms. In formal spaces like dining or a panelled office the details have been applied for centuries. Tongue & groove is a classic look for porches or in rooms with a historic design.

Estimating & Installation: Most coffers and box beams can be estimated onsite for a "ball park" cost but require a layout to get the exact price. Box beams are built down, the structure is applied to the ceiling joist and trimmed out typically with crown molding. When coffering is taken up the ceiling joists are re-framed with some structural work which can be prohibitive with roof trusses.

History: Coffering
box beam coffered ceiling Built down
coffer ceiling
coffered ceiling Framed coffer
back lit layered
maple box beam ceiling Maple box beam
with corbels
curved coffered ceiling Curved framed
layered coffer
porch tongue and groove ceiling Tongue and
groove porch
tongue and groove ceiling Tongue and
groove vault